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CoreX Commercial Prowler

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The Prowler from CoreX Fitness is designed to develop strength in your arms, legs and hips whilst improving aerobic fitness.

Made from heavy duty steel this hard wearing prowler is one of the most popular on the market today. Used in commercial gyms and by individuals looking for maximum benefits. It adds an extra dimension to your training options.

CoreX Fitness Weight Prowler

CoreX Fitness Commercial Prowler

"The Prowler from CoreX Fitness is designed to develop strength in your arms, legs and hips whilst improving aerobic fitness. Often seen on TV’s weight loss programmes, it provides a fun group way of working out effectively"

CoreX Fitness Weight Prowler Dimensions
CoreX Fitness Weight Prowler Handles

The Prowler differs from a Training Sled in that it is pushed with your arms, and not attached around your shoulders or waist to be dragged along. This means it is more of a full body workout, which really puts you through your paces!

Super versatile, the Prowler can be used in a variety of ways. Load up the two back poles with as many weight plates as you can shift for the optimal workout, you can then use the high poles to push the Prowler along, point facing in the direction you are pushing. Once you reached a certain distance, avoid the difficulty of turning it round and simply push from the opposite side with two different level handles to choose from.

CoreX Fitness Weight Prowler Sled Feet
CoreX Fitness Weight Prowler Straight on View

These handles can also be used to tie rope around to pull the Prowler towards you, offering a great number of ways in which to use it. The curved up bases of the Prowler ensure it glides over any surface whether you are working on grass, cement or sand!

The CoreX Commercial Prowler is suitable for both personal and commercial use.

It's heavy duty construction will stand the test of time & it is an ideal piece of kit for personal training sessions.

CoreX Fitness Weight Prowler Fully Loaded

Key Benefits

  • Commercial Quality - The CoreX Prowler is suitable for use in a commercial gym setting due to it's premium quality materials and construction
  • Double Poles To Fit 2" Weight Plates - Designed to be used with olympic weight plates the CoreX Prowler can be used with your existing weights
  • Curved Bases - The curved sled base allows you to push the Prowler on a variety of surfaces with ease
  • Heavy Duty Poles - Can fit up to 500kg in total between both poles
  • Solid Construction - The Corex Prowler comes in at 20kg itself, making it a solid piece of kit that will go the distance
  • Easy to Assemble - You require only a 17mm Spanner and a large Phillips Screwdriver to assemble the CoreX Prowler
  • Removable Poles - The vertical poles can be removed for easy transportation with a spanner

How to Use CoreX Fitness Commercial Prowler

The CoreX Prowler allows for a low impact full body workout and is ideal for a wide variety of strength and training goals - simply load it up with a suitable weight using the vertical 2" poles and push/pull. Due to the innovative sled feet base you can use the prowler on virtually any surface including in the gym and outdoors.

How to Assemble CoreX Fitness Commercial Prowler

CoreX Fitness Weight Prowler Assembly Instructions

Who CoreX Fitness?

If you're a personal trainer, an athlete, a gym owner, or just an average Joe looking for premium equipment at a low cost, then this is the place for you. CoreX Fitness stocks a huge variety of functional Strength and Conditioning equipment, apparel and accessories.

Too many company's products had short-comings when it came to quality or affordability but at CoreX Fitness, we set out to change this. We strive to offer our customers the best possible service to ensure they get the most from shopping with us. All of our products, from Olympic weightlifting equipment to our smallest accessories are specially designed with you in mind.

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