Wearable Technology Destined to Fail?

wearable technology is a fad - saunasuit

Why so sceptical?

We either know someone who uses a FitBit or we have one ourselves. People parade up and down trying to get to those holy 10,000 steps in – or get frustrated that they’re 9000 away… But who decided 10,000 steps was the magic number? People have been getting fit for generations without doing 10,000 steps a day. It wasn’t long ago that we were told we just need 20 minutes of exercise a day to stay healthy – so who should we listen to?

Studies like this one conclude that when a control group vs a group with wearable technology try to lose weight, the wearable technology group loses more. The sample size contained mostly females with university degrees, how can we generalise that to other demographics in the UK? However, studies like these are funded by the companies that make the wearable technology – would they say their own product isn’t effective?

But wearable technology will change my life – where’s the proof it won’t work?

Fitness equipment has come and gone before. Does anyone actually still use their extremely suggestive shake weight? Or how about the sauna suit that 100% definitely wasn’t a bin liner?

wearable technology is a fad - saunasuit
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Definitely not a bin liner

This randomised study was conducted over two years with over 470 participants. The researchers concluded that wearable technology did not improve weight loss in young adults with a BMI between 25 and 40, in fact, it actually resulted in less weight loss than the control group.

So should I bin my FitBit?

Definitely not – wearable technology doesn’t do any harm. Like the gym clothing we wear, it may be a part of your outfit now as well as part of your identity as an active person. In terms of a miracle weight loss aid, however, it’s not going to make a huge amount of difference.

There’s one thing that the FitBit may provide though and that’s the willpower to go out and exercise. Being mindful of how active we are can be the first step to making some life changing decisions. Though if you haven’t already bought some wearable technology, consider spending that £70 on some athletics equipment that you’ll be using in years to come.

The bottom line

Save your money and spend wisely. The £70 you spend on a FitBit could be used for a few months at the gym, a pair of great running trainers or a selection of sports equipment. CoreX offers a wide range of high-quality fitness equipment and clothing that you can order online right now.

Keep your head above the clouds and stick to what works for you. Getting involved in the latest fad isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it kick-starts your fitness journey but ask yourself – will I be using this in a years’ time? It’s hard to predict what we’ll want or what we’ll be interested in and what keeps you disciplined to stay committed is entirely up to you if you have the money to burn on fads.

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