CoreX CX Muscle Whey Protein

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CX Muscle Whey Protein

CoreX Fitness Muscle Whey Protein combines high quality micro-filtered, fast and slow release Proteins to fuel your muscles for hours after initial consumption. This is perfect for a stomach filler for those on the go after a heavy workout! CX-Muscle Whey comes in five delicious flavours, my personal favourite being Banana. The mix is also very smooth, no nasty lumpy bits or chalky aftertaste like some products on the market.

A tasty alternative I find that this protein comes in useful for is protein pancakes. These make a great breakfast or post work out snacks with berries and maybe a little dollop of peanut butter!

My own recipe for these is as follows:

2 eggs

15g plain flour

1 scoop of protein

Half tea spoon of baking powder

Dash of milk

Table spoon of Total Greek yoghurt or cottage cheese


CoreX CX-Muscle Whey comes in FIVE flavours; Vanilla, Banana, Chocolate Mint, Strawberry and Chocolate. The formula is 100% gluten free, low sugar, low fat, only 2.0g of carbs and 22g of protein per serving.



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