The fitness industry is expanding more and more. There is possibly a class, exercise and event for anything and everything you can think of! at CoreX Fitness we always make sure that we cater to all aspects of the industry with equipment, nutrition, accessories and clothing.

We have recently been working closely with athletes who have joined us as representatives. We hope to have them working their way up to fully sponsored athletes where they can take advantage of our athlete plan and awesome incentives.

Ryan Lewis

One of our new athletes is Ryan Lewis. He has shown an amazing amount of determination and dedication when it comes to his physique. He has literally transformed his physique!

This year Ryan is entering his first ever competition which has meant a serious amount of focus and dedication which we have seen day in day out, this is why he is part of team CoreX!


Give Ryan a follow on social media and follow his fantastic journey as he keeps growing and improving on his mission to the top!

Instagram: ryyelew

Twitter: ryan92lewis

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