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CoreX Fitness Equipment Basics

CoreX Fitness Equipment CoreX Fitness equipment can be split into 2 basic areas, first there is aerobic or cardio fitness equipment which is designed to give you a fitness workout to burn off calories & loose weight. Secondly there is strength/muscular fitness equipment which is designed to tone, or increase in size, your bodies muscles. […]

Working Out In The Summer – How To Cope With The Heat

Fitness Girl On The Beach

Working out in the summer can be an entirely different experience to what you’re used to in the cooler months. With temperatures soaring it can be harder to move, and dehydration can set in quickly. If precautions aren’t taken during summer workouts, you can find yourself experiencing side effects such as dizziness, nausea and stomach […]

Wearable Technology Destined to Fail?

wearable technology is a fad - saunasuit

Why so sceptical? We either know someone who uses a FitBit or we have one ourselves. People parade up and down trying to get to those holy 10,000 steps in – or get frustrated that they’re 9000 away… But who decided 10,000 steps was the magic number? People have been getting fit for generations without […]

CoreX Athlete Ryan

The fitness industry is expanding more and more. There is possibly a class, exercise and event for anything and everything you can think of! at CoreX Fitness we always make sure that we cater to all aspects of the industry with equipment, nutrition, accessories and clothing. We have recently been working closely with athletes who have […]

NEW! Oatein Flapjacks Launching Soon!

Exciting news as the brand new Oatein Flapjack range is coming close to being launched and available online and in store to buy! CoreX Fitness have created six fantastic flavours for you to enjoy including; Cherry Bakewell, Banoffee Pie, Chocolate Chip, Chocolate Peanut and Cookies and Cream. These are all loaded with protein, yet taste like […]